Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Estonia

Kyiv 07:34

Export proposals of the Ukrainian companies

LLC "Ukrainian Ecological Group" - specialises in production of the organic products: bee products and organic juices.

Novovodolazkyi Abrazive Plant: presentation, list of the products.

Integro green technologies: presentation.

WEDDING DRESS MANUFACTURE LTD ”Slanovskiy”: presentation materials (1,2,3,4)

  “UKR-Granite” LLC: presentation materials (1,2,3).

LTD  Aquafrost: presentation materials (1,2). 

LLC "Bang": commercial offer.

LLC "Sioplast" (Ukrainian manufacturer of specialized paintwork from 1998. The company’s production constitutes more than 100 types of corrosion resistant, waterproofings and polymer epoxide poured flooring) - commercial offer

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